Growing up we used to walk to the bus stop with our Papa, and everyday we’d pass “The Pear Tree” at the top of the hill. It was a monument in our little town of Seivers Lane. Frequently referred to as “The Twins”, we thought – why not play on our nickname with a great memory. Meet The Twins below! Click the Services page at the top to view the services we provide. 


Mallory Smith

Mallory is the youngest (by 2 minutes) of the pair. She began her undergraduate studies at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC pursuing a Studio Art degree, but then later exchanged her creative focus to Business Administration. She completed her 4-year degree at Brigham Young University – Hawaii as a Bachelor of Science in Business and minored in Studio Art. Now she has a mindset of both artsy and businessy things!

With years of marinating herself in the digital design + marketing world, she has come to find that what she enjoys most is creating something new and exciting that clients want to display proudly as their own. Her other professional interests include digital painting and illustration.

Outside of work she strives to surround herself with family, church, music, sun and sand, running and ice cream, and The Lord of the Rings. Also, she does not enjoy writing biographies.


Christina Roberts

Christina graduated from Brigham Young University – Hawaii in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. While her major focused on a blend of human anatomy and microorganisms, she also studied many aspects of Studio Art. Her formal training includes graphic design, oil painting, photography, and more. Her training in both the arts and sciences has given her great attention to detail and a unique view of the world.

Christina has been immersed in the professional creative world for the past 4 years with a career in graphic & web design + online marketing. She has experience ranging from Facebook ads to booklet design, sales funnels, and everything in between!

When she isn’t all things design, Christina enjoys road tripping to NC to visit family, going to the beach, and live music photography. She loves concerts, cats, The Lord of the Rings, and spending time with her husband, Jerald.

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