10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Think your website might need a face lift? Here are our Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Website!

1) Mobile Friendly – How often do you use your phone to search online?

2) Call to Action – What do you want your user to do?

3) Value Proposition – What’s your mission statement?

4) Navigation – Is your website easy to use?

5) Check for Errors, Typos, and Broken Assets

The easiest way to look like the pro you are. Check over your website for broken links or mistakes. Send your site to friends and have them check too!

6) Remove Automatic Sliders & Carousels from the top of your home page

“But I love sliders!” Yes, they are pretty cool! But displaying too much information can be overwhelming to viewers. How many times have you clicked through a whole carousel on a home page? 😉 It’s best to have 1 main message at the top of your home page.

7) Internal Linking

8) Contact Form

Is your contact information easy to find? Adding a contact form right on your site can allow viewers to easily message you without having to leave your website. You can even add Facebook Messenger chat to your site!

9) Team Pages – Get personal!

Whether you have a team or you’re working solo, and “About” page is always great to help viewers connect with YOU. Connecting with your viewers can go a long way. Stop selling and start building a relationship!

10) Tracking with Facebook Pixels & Google Analytics

The first step towards paid advertising! Adding Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to your website will allow you to track your visitors.

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